As a graphic designer turned brand strategist & social entrepreneur, little excites me more than a blank canvas. New ideas present oceans of possibility and I thrive in plumbing the depths of their potential.
Over the last 17+ years, I have had the opportunity to name and develop brands, produce campaigns and tell stories for others and my own businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, project types and social causes, including: orphan care; sustainability; digital products and services; food & beverage; ambassador and volunteer programs; health & wellness; food waste and hunger; tourism; financial services; coworking spaces; conferences and events; educational curriculum; university campus ministry; medical industry; and more.
My passion is bringing powerful ideas to life through creative thinking, strategic planning and excellent execution with both big picture perspective and keen attention to detail.
While marketing is an important element to business success, a strong brand must first be established. From there, on the foundation of a crystal clear vision, stunning brand identity and authentic core values, your business can grow to become its best self, preventing time, money and energy from being wasted on things that don't serve its ultimate purpose. Below is a selection of brands I've developed for my clients:​​​
Do you have a business idea that you'd love to move forward, but you're unsure of the best next steps? Are you ready for a brand refresh or creative partner who can get the swirling thoughts out of your head and into a firm action plan?
I would love to bring my years of experience in design, strategy and development to establish a well-positioned brand that aligns with your vision, values and business goals. I believe that every good idea deserves a fighting chance at greatness. Let's talk!
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