Kevin and I met in 2009 while I was visiting Sydney. Over the next year and a half, our unexpected love for one another grew across oceans during free phone calls (and eventually video calls) over Skype and a handful of in-person visits during our season of dating and engagement. It all seemed so, well, easy. But as any married person knows, it's an entirely different ballgame after the honeymoon when day-to-day life settles in – especially when opposing cultural values and beliefs begin to test the very foundation of everything you thought you knew.
My own relational journey has developed within me a commitment to see, know and love deeply cross-cultural families.
I'll soon be launching Upside Down Under, a podcast that explores the realities of these unique relationships and welcomes honest conversations with couples across the cultural spectrum who are just starting out, are in the midst of their hardest challenge or have overcome adversity to become stronger than ever before.
If you are in a cross-cultural relationship (dating, engaged or married), I would love to connect and hear your story. You can reach me on my Contact page.
Photo Credit: [1] Two Pair Photography (Me & my husband Kevin); [2 & 3] Upside Down Under