From May 2008 to July 2009, I had the wonderful honor to work on the ground in Uganda with Watoto, an international organization that sprung up from a local church in Kampala. Today, Watoto has far-reaching impact throughout East Africa and around the world.
Following my year as Lead Graphic Designer for Watoto International, I joined the Watoto US team as the Marketing Coordinator. There I led a number of projects to tell Watoto's story in innovative ways and onboard new partners throughout the US to increase awareness and financial support for the work in Uganda.
For over 25 years, Watoto has been giving the lost and forgotten a family. Rescue a child, raise a leader, rebuild a nation.
One of those projects was a storytelling campaign featured at the Together for Adoption conference in Austin in October 2010. Alongside my good friend, humanitarian photographer Esther Havens Mann, we travelled to Uganda to hear the stories, capture photos and prepare the campaign. To this day, Rescue • Raise • Rebuild is one of the projects that I am most proud to have spearheaded. You can view the full exhibit here.
Watoto continues to occupy a very special place within my heart and I stay as connected as I can. If you have been waiting for the right place to give and want assurance that it will have lasting impact, I encourage you to Sponsor a Child or support any one of their many initiatives: Baby Watoto, Watoto Neighborhood, or Keep a Girl in School.You won't regret becoming a member of this beautifully diverse and supportive global family.
For more stories and photos from my season working with Watoto full-time, check out my archived blog spanning three years (from April 2008 to April 2011).
Cover Photo Credit: Image by Esther Havens Mann
Page Photo Credits: [1] Daniel Davis [2&3] Sydney Berry Ling [4] Esther Havens Mann