I first became aware of the global anti-trafficking movement in 2011 after moving to Sydney, Australia.
There, I learned about The A21 Campaign, a nonprofit started by Nick & Christine Caine to “abolish slavery in the 21st century.” It was certainly an ambitious goal, but then again, that is the Caine family's style. So much so that they recently changed that mission to “abolish slavery everywhere forever.”
That same year, a good friend who I had met years earlier in Uganda moved to Thailand to engage in anti-trafficking work. Nearly a decade later, Heather Askew is now founder of Jojo's Sanctuary which provides  transitional, short-term foster care for children preparing to reintegrate to their family of origin or move into a long-term foster home, among other initiatives geared to educate, protect and empower the most vulnerable children across Chiang Mai province. Heather's experience, both as a program coordinator for an after-school program and case manager for child victims of abuse and trafficking, has uniquely prepared her for the incredible work she is leading today.
Human trafficking is slavery.
It’s the illegal trade of human beings. It’s the recruitment, control and use of people for their bodies and for their labor. Through force, fraud and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will – right now in the 21st century. 

To support the work of these organizations in Thailand, I started my market-based iced tea business, Tiger Tonic, in July 2014 at Glebe Markets in Sydney. It was my first official product-based business and I loved every second of starting it. I chose to put the business on hold that following February when I moved back to the US, but I have plans to relaunch Tiger Tonic when able to increase my support of this important work.
Please visit the organizations listed above to educate yourself and support the fight in any way you can. No man, woman or child should ever be sold or treated as the property of another. Modern Day Slavery is alive and well. Together, we CAN end it.
Cover Photo Credit: The A21 Campaign
Page Photo Credits: [1&2] The A21 Campaign [3] Jojo's Sanctuary in Thailand
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