Jeremy and Jessica Courtney moved to Iraq just months after 9/11 to extend love and resist the tendency to fear. Through many mistakes, painful growth and endless meals with those who have survived unbelievable loss, they have built an organization and global community that is “Mending hearts in the middle of war. Turning enemies into friends. Discovering how to heal what's tearing us apart.”
Preemptive Love's core message to “Love Anyway” has significantly impacted my life and thinking over the past several years. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the commitment and impact Jeremy, Jessica and their team have made to bring vital aid and empowerment to refugees in places that most Americans would never even consider visiting, much less moving to. The stories of the lives they've changed speak for themselves.
Preemptive Love is providing relief and creating jobs on the frontlines of conflict. To heal all that’s tearing us apart. To end war.
To get the best overview and in-depth education on all that Preemptive Love is about and stands for, watch their short film titled Love Anyway (36min). To learn more, co-host a gathering, shop to support job creation or otherwise get involved, visit
I'm certainly not the expert on loving preemptively, but I long to be better. I long to see a world healed and for each of us to see that our differences can be what unites us rather than what keeps us torn apart.
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